Here Comes A New Year! Welcome 2023!

2022 began a bit rough… the first band member-Covid experience in January forced the postponement of a couple of shows, and the moment we put Frank (aka Ralph Grasso, our audio engineer) on the spot as a drum sub (he passed with flying colors, btw). Then came Hawaii in March; we all squeezed as much out of that experience as we and our families were able. Two words: SUMMER FESTIVALS. Was it 16 trips across Pennsylvania and Ohio we took this past year? Wisconsin. Indiana. Illinois. Again. And again. #blameitoncovid An epic trip from Vail CO to Sunbury PA for a next day show which involved literally racing to the airport only to encounter flight cancellations, three more airports, many hours of waiting, and another round of Covid a few days later won’t soon be forgotten. Fall found our travel leveling off, and we finished things out at some of our favorite venues close to home where we saw so many lovely friends. Now we’ve slid into the new year like Tom Cruise in his white socks.🧦

With great anticipation, we’ll see you soon, friends! We can’t wait for our next adventure. Happy New Year!

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