About Us

Tusk has been criss-crossing the country since 2008 as The Classic Fleetwood Mac Tribute.

But of all the Fleetwood Mac tributes playing around the United States today, what exactly sets Tusk apart?

Is it more than five skilled professionals turned masters of their trade through decades of individual musical study, live performance, creative risk, and devotion to the art?

Is it more than their affection and respect for the Fleetwood Mac experience, an entity that continues to endure over 50 years of musical and cultural evolution?

Is it more than vocal similarities, common physical traits, or good costumes?

To be sure, one does not fare well in the tribute scene without displaying some or all of these characteristics. So what qualities does Tusk possess that can’t be learned, bought, or created simply from a desire to have them?

Chemistry. Synergy. Intuition.

The relationship among the five founding members of Tusk has a rich history that goes back more than four decades. Two met while playing Little League baseball. Two others met in middle school band and marched in lockstep through high school. All five have been playing music with one another over the years in various configurations of original bands, jam bands, singer-songwriter circles, and alternative rock groups. Time, trust, and close friendship have cultivated an intimate familiarity with each other’s musical nuances, shaping each performance with such precision that even the slightest variation, virtually imperceptible to all but the five musicians sharing the stage, is met with a wink and a nod, and usually an inside joke. Tusk is more than a band; they are a family.

Experience the wonder of a Tusk show for yourself.

What Our Fans Are Saying

We saw Tusk this past Friday at the Flying Monkey in NH. Words cannot express how outstanding they were. Engaging, energetic, and talented. A night to remember. Will see them again next year and will count the days until then. Cheers to each band member and the Monkey staff for bringing them to NH. – Facebook

I have a whole new appreciation as to the intricacy and the talent that it takes to play Fleetwood Mac music. I was completely blown away with the talent level of your musicianship and professionalism. You were spot-on and it made [my wife’s and my] Saturday night… When your bass player stood out I could have jumped through the roof… Your drummer was phenomenal. All three lead singers are next to impossible to find in any band. Lead guitar’s forearms must be burnt up after a show and I really enjoyed the Blues portion of the show… I could watch the girls twirl and sing all night long. – Facebook

This is the closest to Stevie that I have ever heard, simply amazing. – Facebook

I’m generally not a big fan of tribute bands for a variety of reasons but, Tusk is the exception. I saw them in NC and, if I closed my eyes during the show and just listened, I would have thought I was at an actual Fleetwood Mac show. If they’re playing nearby again, I’ll be there. – Facebook

Tusk is a 20 on the 1 to 10 scale. – Facebook

They honor the music of Fleetwood Mac in a beautiful way without seeming like they are trying to imitate. Very skilled musicians with amazing stage presence! I am now officially a fan after seeing them last summer and again last night! Bravo, Tusk!! – Facebook

If you’re looking to relive your favorite Fleetwood Mac moments live this band should be your automatic go to. Incredible recreation of every Fleetwood Mac hit both musically and vocally. The best part is Tusk members are so down to earth and really show their enjoyment of making music. Great show in Milwaukee April 6. – Facebook

I am generally skeptical of tribute bands but they made me a believer! Tusk put on an AMAZING show and are virtuoso soloists in their own right! If you get the chance to see them perform live… GO! It’s a musical time capsule…. – YouTube

I have gone to 3 Tusk concerts now and I don’t have words to say how amazing they are! The music is right on and the knowledge this group has regarding Fleetwood Mac is the best. This group is always so interactive with the audience and take their time to make you feel like you are a friend of theirs. I will continue to follow this band and go see them whenever they are in a location somewhat close to me. – Ticketmaster

To be honest I was skeptical. I had high expectations for the voice of Stevie Nicks. The girl that sang her songs was so good, it brought tears to my eyes. This show did not disappoint. – Ticketmaster

If you have an opportunity to see this band don’t miss out. They had the whole place singing, dancing, and clapping on their feet from the moment they stepped on the stage through their two song encore. Tusk is a Five star performance if you like Fleetwood Mac music. – Ticketmaster

The 70s and 80s produced some of the best bands and live concerts in history. As I’ve aged with these bands, I’ve found myself attending concerts of many, many tribute bands…some a mix of original and new performers; some all new; some good; some making a nice efffort; but none as sensational as TUSK! Close your eyes and be transported back to Fleetwood Mac’s heyday or keep them open and sing and dance in the aisles like the full house at Count Basie Theater last week! When are they back in NJ?! – Ticketmaster

The band was really good. Tusk has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. After the passing of Christine McVie, this tribute band honored her with an amazing Songbird with a montage of photos. It brought tears to my eyes. A truly magical performance by the hometown band Tusk. – Ticketmaster

Super TWO HOUR Show. I wasn’t a diehard Fleetwood Mac fan, but did like them. I saw Tusk was going to be nearby, so I took my wife and two friends to the show. GREAT IDEA! Music was spot on, great playlist and acoustics. Kathy Phillips was sultry and sexy in her vocals and movements, and Scott McDonald performed magic on his guitar (one of the best I’ve ever heard). Keyboards and drums completed the awesome experience. DO NOT PASS UP seeing them. You will NOT be disappointed. – Ticketmaster