The Classic Fleetwood Mac Tribute

16 Years of Captivating Audiences with the Magic of Fleetwood Mac


The five founding members of Tusk have a rich history that spans over four decades, cultivating an intimate familiarity with each other’s musical nuances that shapes their performances with precision and unspoken understanding.


Tusk is more than a band; they are a family whose time, trust, and close friendship have created a synergy that elevates their performances beyond the sum of their individual talents.


The intuitive connection among the members of Tusk, developed through years of playing music together in various configurations, allows them to anticipate and respond to each other’s subtle variations on stage without missing a beat

Are you searching for a band that will electrify your audience and leave them craving more? Look no further than Tusk, the ultimate Fleetwood Mac tribute band that delivers an unparalleled live experience.

With 16 years of performing together, Tusk’s chemistry and synergy are undeniable. The same five talented musicians have been the foundation for Tusk since their very first rehearsal in 2008. Over the years they have cultivated every note and gesture to recreate the iconic sound and style of Fleetwood Mac. Their dedication to authenticity is unmatched as they perform the songs in their original keys with no substitutions for Lindsey Buckingham’s high tenor vocals, which often sat above Stevie Nicks’ lower notes.

Their top-notch audio engineer, with over 30 years of experience working with national touring acts, ensures that every performance is of the highest quality. The band’s original, dynamic lights and visuals, created specifically for their shows, add an extra layer of excitement that perfectly complements each song.

Experience The Magic


Infectious energy that creates an atmosphere of fun and celebration


An experience that goes beyond the music, creating unforgettable moments


Carefully Cultivated Authenticity and dedication to the true Fleetwood Mac Style & Sound


Engaging performances that captivate the audience from start to finish

The Fan-Focused Choice

Book Tusk for your next event and treat your audience to a feast for the senses. As a venue owner or event planner, you’ll appreciate Tusk’s professionalism and ease to work with. Their excellent crew ensures that every show runs smoothly, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your event. Plus, the band’s commitment to their fans is unparalleled, with a post-show meet and greet following every performance, creating a personal connection that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Kathy Phillips


Kim Williams

Keys, Vocals

Scott McDonald

Guitar, Vocals

Tom Nelson


Randy Artiglere


What Our Fans Say…

We saw Tusk this past Friday at the Flying Monkey in NH. Words cannot express how outstanding they were. Engaging, energetic, and talented. A night to remember. Will see them again next year and will count the days until then. Cheers to each band member and the Monkey staff for bringing them to NH.
I’m generally not a big fan of tribute bands for a variety of reasons but, Tusk is the exception. I saw them in NC and, if I closed my eyes during the show and just listened, I would have thought I was at an actual Fleetwood Mac show. If they’re playing nearby again, I’ll be there
They honor the music of Fleetwood Mac in a beautiful way without seeming like they are trying to imitate. Very skilled musicians with amazing stage presence! I am now officially a fan after seeing them last summer and again last night! Bravo, Tusk!!

Don’t miss this opportunity to give your audience the gift of an unforgettable live music experience. Book Tusk now and watch as they transform your event into a celebration of the timeless music of Fleetwood Mac. Your audience will thank you for bringing them the authentic, passionate, and energetic performance they crave.

Take action now and secure your date with Tusk. Experience the difference that true talent, dedication, and showmanship can make for your event. Contact us today and let Tusk’s incredible energy and skill make your occasion an overwhelming success that your audience will talk about for years to come.