Kim Williams

Vocals, Keys

Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kim Williams...

Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kim Williams has spent decades honing her craft, deftly switching from rhythm section to solid lead player without missing a beat. Hearing and replicating tight vocal harmonies, a hallmark of the Fleetwood Mac sound, is no problem for this choral music enthusiast. Classically trained on piano and voice, a huge fan of 70s classic and southern rock, and raised on Willie and Waylon, Dolly and George, and the Great American Songbook, Kim uses all of her influences, years of training, and natural instincts to bring the music of Christine McVie and Fleetwood Mac to appreciative audiences all around the region.

Jerzy is a singer, songwriter, and pianist from Central New Jersey. She wrote her first song as a college freshman in the basement of a practice room in Allentown, Pennsylvania. After that, nothing was the same. After graduation, she spent a few years developing her sound at clubs and coffee houses in New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia, and Delaware. Gradually, her own voice emerged – vocals that quickly shifted from tough to vulnerable, backed by percussive piano parts. Though a lot of her music is personal, Jerzy also loves collaborating with others. She is a proud member of the open collaborative production company hitRECord, and has appeared in several episodes of the Emmy Award-winning Pivot Network television show HitRECord on TV. She also has a folk pop duo project, Bryter, with UK hitRECord artist Andrew Keeble. Their first EP, Down, was released on Bandcamp in the autumn of 2015 and has already received support from BBC Radio. Jerzy is always writing, collaborating, and recording, and plans on releasing a series of new singles throughout the year.