Randy Artiglere


Randy brings an extensive 30 years of bass playing...

Randy brings an extensive 30 years of bass playing experience in many styles of music to Tusk.   With his attention to detail, he meticulously replicates the style and tone of Fleetwood Mac’s bass player, John McVie.   Although, not to be an exact duplicate, Randy tosses in some of his own style and flare, giving Tusk’s bottom end the authentic Fleetwood Mac sound but with an energy that translates to live performance in a way that gets audiences grooving, whether they are Fleetwood Mac fans or not.

Kevin Hummel is a veteran bassist from New Jersey with plenty of experience playing various styles of music for both original and cover bands. He has toured throughout Europe and the States and has done session work for artists such as Amfibian, Black Market Radio, Lady Gaga, Jeffrey Gaines and more. He has also worked with some of the top producers such as Rob Fusari, Earl Cohen, and Godfrey Diamond. He takes his craft very seriously and it certainly shows.