Kathy Phillips


Kathy Phillips is an amazing Singer/Songwriter ...

Taking the role of front woman Stevie Nicks, Kathy Phillips IS Stevie Nicks.  An amazing New Jersey singer/songwriter, Phillips captures the essence of Stevie in every way – her voice, demeanor, clothing, stage presence and more.  A professional musician for over 20 years, Kathy has been known for her incredible original music as well as her uncanny vocalization and Stevie Nicks look.  Phillips fills the shoes of Nicks with such ease, she leaves audiences truly mesmerized.

Christina Alessi is a veteran singer and songwriter who frequented the iconic stages of Maxwells, CBGB and The Mercury Lounge, most notably opening for Bon Jovi at then-Giant’s Stadium. Alessi’s influences draw deeply from classic rock, folk, and old blues and soul. When not working with Tusk, she fronts Christina Alessi and the Toll Collectors, a high powered folk/ rock explosion with smart songs and soul-stirring performances.